Typical Connection Issues

Unfotunately a large proportion of initial connection issues are due to incorrect credentials being used when configuring the router - please check the settings are correct, then log into CommsPortal, find your SIM and you can then check the Connection and Radius logs. This may provide you with the information you require if your SIM is still not connecting. If not and if you are still experiencing problems, please get in touch and our engineers will gladly assist you. For authentication details please refer to the article on Usernames and Passwords and cross reference with the ones provided on CommsPortal. **Lack of signal** - this will normally result in little or no connection or a constant drop in connection **Locked Dongles** - Comms365 SIMs will not work in an operator locked dongle as the APN cannot be overridden. If you are still having problems and all the checks have been performed, please raise a ticket and we will help you.
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