Comms365 APNs

Comms365 has numerous interconnects with the mobile operators and has a large number of private APNs. APNs below are for our Shared Platform only and are not the dedicated APNs we have for individual customers (If you have a private APN provided by us to you, you will need to enter your own APN details - available on CommsPortal within your SIM Management section): - **Vodafone**: - **Three**: - **EE 3G**: - **4G EE**: - **O2 / Telefonica**: -**eSIM / Multinetwork**. global365 Only SIMs provisioned on the Comms365 network will work using the above APN names. SIMs on the Mobile Operators' Public APNs will not work on our network unless we have allowed them to. The APN name will **need to be entered** into the router/dongle device. The APN name directs the mobile traffic over the mobile network towards the Comms365 network where it is authenticated for onward routing and service delivery. The fact that we have our own private APNs shows that the service is provided by Comms365.
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